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Second Council Meeting of FAOPS held at Nagoya Congress Centre, Nagoya, Japan, 23rd May 2008

In attendance:
  • Professor Tsuyomu Ikenoue (Japan) – President
  • Professor Ranjan Pejavar (India) – President elect
  • Professor David Ellwood (Australia & New Zealand)– Secretary General
Other countries represented; Phillipines, Thailand, Japan, Bangladesh (Drs Chowdury & Shahidullah)

Agenda items

    1. Location of bank account and registration of FAOPS

The current location of the FAOPS bank account is Bangalore, India. There was much discussion around the various possibilities of having the account in one location, or rotating the bank account between different countries as the Treasurers position changed. It was decided that, for the moment, the bank account should remain in Bangalore.

    1. Guidelines for future congresses

There was extensive discussion about future congresses, and in particular ways of ensuring that the role and status of FAOPS should be enhanced in the eyes of delegates. The following decisions were made;

FAOPS Congresses will continue to run every two years. Whilst it was acknowledged that the actual timing of Congresses may change depending on local country requirements and also which hemisphere the meeting is held in, there should ideally be not less than 18 months and not more than 30 months between Congresses. It was agreed that the best months for meetings to be held are March and October but that this could not be binding on individual member societies.

The opening session of the Congress should always include an address by the President of FAOPS.

Future FAOPS Congresses should be of three days duration as a minimum. The Council and General Assembly meetings should be held as follows;

      • 1st Council – First day (or possibly on the day before if there is a welcome reception on that day)

      • General Assembly – Second Day (The General Assembly will involve the Council members plus the representatives from each member country)

      • 2nd Council Meeting – Third day (The Council includes the Officers, plus the Deputy Secretary-Generals from the three regions)

In general the Congress dinner should be held on the night of the second day

The program should be a mix of sessions which are of interest to delegates from both developing and developed countries and should also be aimed at a multi-professional audience. However the final program will be the responsibility for he local organising committee.

Although the final decision will need to be made at the General Assembly in 2010, the representatives from Bangladesh indicated their desire to hold FAOPS 2014 in Bangladesh, either in February or March.

    1. Membership of more than one society for member countries

This matter was discussed at some length. There is a problem whereby some member countries have more than one society whose membership may wish to be within FAOPS. This problem arises because not every country has a multi-professional perinatal society for all the various professional groups of obstetricians, neonatologists, midwives, neonatal nurses, basic scientists and others. Although it was acknowledged that this causes some difficulty in some countries it was agreed that each member country would continue to be represented by one society.

  1. Committee system

    This discussion confirmed that the Council would consist of the elected officers(President,President-elect,Secretary-General, Treasurer and Past-president, and the three Deputy Secretary-Generals from each region, and that the general Assembly would comprise the Council plus representatives from each of the member countries.

    There being no further business the meeting concluded with a resolution to re-convene in New Delhi in 2010