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Minutes of the General Assembly - 22nd May, Nagoya,Japan

Roll call of Council members and country representative.

Present were Council members and country representatives from Australia/NZ, Japan, India, Phillipines, Thailand, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore.

Welcome remarks were made by Dr Ikenoue, President.
Resolutions and decisions as per no 1 to 17 of the 1st Council meeting were made known to the General Assembly.

  1. Dr Satish Saluja from India asked whether more than one association from a country could apply for membership of FAOPS. After some discussion it was decided to leave the rule as it is and allow only one association to affiliate itself.
  2. The incoming secretary general, Dr Ellwood was requested to study the Constitution  of FAOPS and suggest any relevant  updates if needed at the next Council meeting.
    He was also requested to draw up some guidelines for organization for future Congresses
  3. There were concerns that Council meetings and General Assembly were held during scientific sessions of the Congress. It was suggested that they should be held at lunch breaks, or evenings. Preferably, first council meeting on day 1, general Assembly on day 2 and  second council meeting on day 3.
  4. Dr Neelam Kler from India then made a presentation about the next Congress in NewDelhi 2010.
  5. Dr Ellwood made a presentation  about the Sidney Congress in 2012.
  6. Bangladesh put forth a formal bid to host the 2014 Congress. The same was unanimously accepted and will be formally ratified at the next Congress.
  7. Dr PW suggested that the country representatives should be as far as possible selected  in such a way to include Obstetricians, Neonatologists and nurse midwives.
  8. There was a discussion as to whether the number of deputy secretary generals from each zone should be increased. It was agreed that the one from each zone was sufficient at presnt.
  9. Dr Pejaver  then thanked the GA for giving all the help and encouragement during the previous two years ( which was filled with distress due to illhealth and sad demise of Dr Nyok mLing) when he had to function both as Treasurer and Acting secretary Genaral.

The GA congratulated Dr Pejaver on his being elected as the   President Elect
Meeting was closed, welcoming the new office bearers.